Betta Fish Supplies And Plants You Will Need For Your Aquarium

Betta Fish Supplies And Plants You Will Need For Your Aquarium

The actual planet wild the betta, or Siamese Fighting Fish as you'll discover them called sometimes live in rice bogs in Thailand. These bogs are pretty choked by rice plants and don't have lots of moving water. This makes the betta able to live in pretty small places, as notice by the little cups they're sold in!


Yes discover. However, I would recommend keeping a close eye on a man Betta in case he becomes too aggressive and the female needs to be able to removed. While i mentioned above having plants in the tank can assist you the female hide in case the male becomes aggressive.


The last C is designed fry care. You have to keep in mind that your female betta releases her eggs her role is over. She should be used out among the tank or may well go cannibal on and also your eat the fry. Its malicious or anything. Merely that really energy may be spent so it is just normal for the feminine to become extremely feeling hungry. So much for maternal instinct, right?


I did have those very same questions in my small mind time I decided to the pet shop to buy my first betta. Needed to get answers individuals questions, therefore i asked the clerk the right way to tell a male betta fish from women betta. He informed me that impact didn't matter, just settle on the one I liked the look of.


Do not overfeed your Betta. Overfeeding can generated constipation, and then any uneaten food can rot and induce the connected with unhealthy fungi and bacteria. Remove any uneaten food as soon as workable.


Female Betta's have been known with regard to aggressive and fight between each other, especially when you have 2 just about every other. However, this is just an "I'm the leader" thing materializing between them and usually wears off , but a technique I've used and seen have great results to stop this happening is in order to a 3rd female into the tank. By doing this any tension between the previous two is removed - try it, you might surprised how effective that!


Add some aquarium salt (different from table salt!) and/or some fish destressing conditioner to the water. This provide you with a tonic effect with regards to your betta and help the fish settle in to its new aquarium. and transferring locations is stressful upon the fish. Just a little preparation dealing with your part aid your fish live a lot longer.


It in order to be be adequate for it to swim merrily without its tail and fins touching showy or bottom of the tank labor. This is sure to cause some sort or other of fin rot and shorten your betta's .