Top 20 Bali Tours & Activities

Top 20 Bali Tours & Activities

Bali has become one of essentially the most sought after destinations for scuba scuba divers. People from different parts of the world visit Bali for enjoying water activities in the simplest way possible. Well if you are planning to consider scuba diving in Bali with your loved ones then it's a great philosophy. However, before you visit the place, it is recommended to gather data about diving areas, hotels, food and several more.


Bali known worldwide for it's inexpensive yet superb spa strategies. Balinese women have small yet powerful hands that appear to emit a healing quality. This combined along with range of natural, gorgeous smelling products used to pamper shape will take you to a state a nirvana.


For years we been recently to Indonesia for our diving holidays; Sulawesi, Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), you name it. Indonesia's marine life and reefs are one of several richest in the arena and reasonable once you are there. About 6 rice we agreed to take the plunge and try Bali too. A decision we have never regretted. Gasoline efficiency of the diversity underwater and the amazing culture above water, make this a top destination. Now, many holidays and dives later, we even have our own dive center here.


Here locals will charge a fee of 5000 Rp. During that point are able to park and walk down a gently sloping hill or drive a further 600m along road which really does not have a right regarding called these kinds.


One on the highlights of diving in Bali could be a dive site called Manta Point. Manta Point can be found near nusa penida - an island off the coast of Bali by using a wealth of dive sites. During the dive you just float in water about 5 meters. Swimming is not essential that all the action takes place around a primary rock. It varies each time, we may encounter groups from 80 to 10 manta rays on this page. Rock acts as a cleaning station and manta rays circle around this area, often in beautiful formations. Experience breathtaking. Sometimes they come manta rays so close that may touch these items.


nusa penida day trip has some great river in order to do rafting. A person receive an adrenalin rush that activity in Ayung and Telaga Waja river. Long lines rafting there are 12 kilometers and takes about couple of hours.


If there is a courage to bungy jump why not do it in style in Indonesia. Offering varying styles of bungy jump including standard, full body harness, tandem and most thrilling of riding have a scenic tower on a BMX bike or genuine motorbike.