Signs it's Time to Repaint a Home's Exterior

Signs it's Time to Repaint a Home's Exterior

In aurora exterior painting can make a huge difference when it comes to selling a home, offering a better first impression for potential buyers and making them more likely to express interest and even fetching a better price on the market. wall painting who aren't getting ready to sell shouldn't take that as an indication it's not worth the time and money to have their homes repainted, though. Read on to find out about paint prices that might indicate it's time to start looking into professional painters who can help.


Flaking or Cracking Paint


There are many environmental conditions that can cause paint to crack or start flaking off. Dry rot, wet rot, and mold can all be to blame, as can extreme humidity, excessive sun, or serious storms. These problems won't ever resolve themselves on their own, so it's best to have the home repainted before the conditions get any worse.


Fading Paint


Sun bleaching is inevitable, though darker colors tend to fade quicker than paler hues. If this bleaching has already become noticeable on the sunny side of the home, it's probably time to repaint. If it is occurring on the shady side of the house, it could indicate problems with the vapor barrier, which should be evaluated prior to contacting the residential painting aurora homeowners need to restore homes to their former condition.


Water Stains


Heavy rains and winter snow can leave water stains, making the home's exterior look unevenly colored. This can have a dramatic negative impact on its curb appeal. The solution is simple, though, as a new coat of paint will cover these stains and freshen up the building's appearance.


Dated Colors


Trends in exterior design change frequently. That's why most professionals suggest painting homes a neutral, timeless color that won't wind up making it look dated in just a few short years. Those who want to keep up with modern trends will find it's usually necessary to repaint more often for aesthetic reasons than it would be for practical reasons alone.


aura paint is Nearing the End of its Lifespan


Exterior paint is designed to last between five and ten years, though the quality of paint used, how well the prep work was performed, and the surface material being painted can all impact this estimate. If the home hasn't been repainted within this period, it's just a matter of time before the other problems listed above begin to occur. Find a company that offers the residential painting denver homeowners need to spruce up the paint job now to avoid dealing with failing paint and decreased curb appeal altogether.